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Break Free: Get Up!

This course covers some fundamental methods you can use to help in one of the most compromising and difficult positions you can find yourself in. While there are no easy or foolproof answers, this course gives you some fundamental skills that you can combine with other skills to give you a fighting chance. These are not stand alone methods!

A Prison Without Bars: Campus Stalking

Stalking among teens and young adults is far more common - and has far-reaching consequences for victims and their families.

Fear Follows Me: Stalked

Stalking impacts millions of people every year. It can be terrifying, costly and have lasting consequences for the victims. In this course we'll define and explore the different types of stalking, examine stalking behaviors, strategies for staying safer and resources for recovery.

Identifying Predators

Providing a single source to help the individual identify fundamental predatory behaviors.

Build Enforceable Boundaries

Boundaries aren't some "woo woo" thing that only fragile people need. We all likely have some boundaries already. This course will help you define the boundaries you already have more clearly, as well as identify areas where you may want to create more.

Break Free: Hair Pulls and Chokes

Knowing the advantages and dealing with various methods of head control is a critical skill in self-protection. NOTE: Understand that there are NO guaranteed solutions to these, or any other dynamic situation. These are foundational ideas that are meant to be partnered with other critical skills (base disruptions, latching, elbows and striking for example) but highlight some of the peculiarities of the hair pull and choke.

Break Free: Waist Grabs

Learn to deal with the tackle, the waist grab, and other forms of body control.

For Sale: Barriers to Recovery & Rehabilitation

Victims of sex trafficking - those under the age of 18 in particular - face many barriers on their road to recovery and rehabilitation. Leaving "the Life" is just the first step...

Flank: Get Out of the Chaos!

It's one thing to be able to survive in the chaos but it's another to use that to gain an advantage or to know when it's time to get out.

Fight Back: Bring the Hammer Down!

Out of instinct people naturally tend towards using the hammer fist for personal safety. This course focuses on the instinctual use of the Hammer Fist as a tool for personal safety.
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