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The Firebrand Alliance provides customized and focused education and certification opportunities for anyone in the skills necessary to identify, avoid, and disrupt predatory behavior such as sexual abuse, assault, interpersonal violence, and human trafficking. 

Additionally, we provide education in the area of restoration and wellness for those that have survived a traumatic life experience.

Of course, anyone can learn these skills and benefit from the resources we’ve gathered together, but we are focused on providing them primarily to educators, mentors, and leaders—for the purposes of reaching the widest audiences with the greatest risk factors.

The education we provide is meant for you to use in outreach to your family, your friends, and your community.

The Firebrand Alliance provides you:

Our Education Model

We chose this education model because it’s often a trusted adult outside the family that has the opportunity to profoundly influence a young person’s life. And it’s often those same adult mentors that recognize ‘red flag’ behaviors or threats to a young person’s well-being even before parents or caregivers. If you’re a parent, you know that children—especially teens and young adults—often heed the advice and warnings of a non-parent more readily. It’s frustrating. 

As parents ourselves, we recognize this dilemma. That’s why we strive to reach those adults who interact with young people at school, extra curricular activities, in churches, clubs and special interest groups.

Teaching our young people how to stay safe in the world is no small task. It truly takes a village. That’s why Firebrand Alliance was created: to not only help YOU lead a safer, more fulfilling life, but to provide you with critical knowledge that you can pass on to those in your sphere of influence.


The courses are meant to be taken a-la-carte. They are going to give you our take on these critical skills and education pieces. They are for the individual who may have an interest in a topic but may not fully understand as much as they would like, or they need to brush  up a little in an area. Think slices of a pie. The courses are for those who want to learn about a topic but maybe don’t know what they don’t know.


Our programs are targeted, full of information to walk you from no knowledge to having enough to begin your own instruction.
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