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Online Training

This is a come to Jesus moment for those who want to become teachers of Guerrilla Self Protection.
The single biggest issue people have in doing any long distance training, isn’t that it’s on video. It’s having people to train with. Period. Despite the bullshit you hear….
The second biggest thing is letting your doubts and confusion grow instead of asking questions. I will answer you. I am committed to it. Suck it up and talk to me.
Here are some facts.
There’s almost nobody in the business who has more teaching capacity via video than me. I’ve been doing it since the 90’s. Since fatty VHS tapes. It’s not an experiment for me.
EVERYONE I’ve ever trained who could find someone to work with has done just fine learning from video. ESPECIALLY if they follow my advice.
I studied pencak silat and even some of my first martial arts of kung fu and tai chi via video back in the 90’s. With big ass clunky VHS tapes. I KNOW it can be done.
Marcy, has mostly trained via video learning and video submission. She’s had very little exposure to martial arts, let alone training in martial arts.
Sterling, one of only three people I have certified in PSP has mostly trained via video.
There have been others.
Stop lying to yourself and start working. Stop bullshitting yourself and decide you want to fucking do it. Period. If you don’t, that’s ok too.
Just do yourself a favor and stop bullshitting yourself.
You’ve got the time to study right now but Corona law says you can’t train around people.
Here’s the deal:
I’m challenging you to start sending me video of you mimicking the material. Level by level WITHOUT a person if you’re unable to.
As an interim to getting you exposure to people hitting you, tackling you, and being defiant, I’m offering everyone who has taken the step to pay for certification a three month window to send me video of yourself doing the material.
I will create an apprentice like status for you upon completion. You will not be fully certified but I will allow you to start teaching classes as soon as you are able under the apprentice status (whatever that name looks like).
After ‘Rona calms down, for one year you will be an apprentice instructor.
You will submit video of your group training and YOU getting practice in.
After a year we can look at fully certifying.
Why a year? Bc you don’t get a lot of actual practice time in when your teaching. If you do, and you video it, we can look at shortening it.
I’m looking for competence not expertise.
BUT here’s the deal, I don’t like having a feeling like you guys are just sitting out here stuck. So after the 3 months is up, if you haven’t taken the steps to do the work—I’m going all Pontius Pilot and washing my hands. I don’t know what else I can do to help.
Also, be aware:
v2.0 is looming. Once I move to that it’s going to be a start over. It’s built different and is much more organized to help people with little experience get a better operational understanding in a shorter time without the background knowledge.
The Enforcer is coming. That will be weapons focused only. Guerrilla Escrima if you will.
You should be looking at courses out on GuerrillaGlobal.org They are super cheap and will be positioning you to teach v2.0 and understand other aspects in greater detail.

October 12, 2020
© Firebrand Alliance, 2020