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You are inherently lazy. Instinctively even. Some might call it efficient. It truly depends on your perspective. It is really a reality that we do the least we need to do to survive and thrive. Instinctually we choose safety over risk. Instinctually we choose the easiest path over the most difficult one. It is hard wired within us. That looks different for different people but it is true.

And can we be honest with ourselves for just a minute? This might piss you off—particularly if it’s true. Many of us are incapable of putting in the work to real critical thinking, research, and pursuit of real understanding on any complex topics.

And it’s your fault. You… us… we… have accepted and embraced a world of :30 second and one minute videos that encapsulate thoughts into this segmentation of knowledge that gives us the feeling of understanding while simultaneously removing our ability to think critically and dive deep into any topic. Let’s own that and change it.

August 27, 2020
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