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This course details what environmental awareness is, its purpose, the need, and strategies for developing this skill.

The need for truly understanding your environment is a key first step in reducing risk. By simply being aware of the spaces around you for both predators and escaping from predators, you begin to reduce your risk.   This course explains in detail what environmental awareness is, its purpose, need and strategies for developing the skill to utilize the environment on your behalf.

Course Curriculum

    • Intro to Environmental Awareness 00:02:00
    • What Is Environmental Awareness 00:01:00
    • Why We Need Environmental Awareness 00:05:00
    • Considerations of Environmental Awareness 00:03:00
    • Examples of Terrain 00:00:00
    • Examples of Obstacles 00:02:00
    • Examples of Structures 00:03:00
    • Examples of Location 00:02:00
    • Examples of Weather 00:03:00
    • Simple Steps 00:03:00
    • Environmental Awareness Assignment 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Learn basics you didn't know you didn't know

    Very great starting course! As someone who thinks they do a good job at environmental awareness, take this course. You will learn pointers you didn’t know you didn’t know. For example, when needing to get out of a building, look for emergency exits, sound the alarm to get the attention you need. Easy pointers to start us getting better now.

  2. Great Course That Fills It Out

    Environmental Awareness is talked about a bunch but very few people fill it out and build a detailed and comprehensive approach to its use. This course does exactly that!

  3. Environmental Awareness Explained

    Great overview and breakdown of all the components of environmental awareness, as well as tips for how to apply them in a personal safety situation. Thought-provoking and thorough.

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