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Learning to pay attention to how facial expressions, body movements, and words all come together can help us to regulate heated discussions, through the entire spectrum of recognizing and de-escalating potentially violent situations.

This is a necessary life skill. This course is all about how to navigate these verbal and non-verbal dynamics that will improve our ability to navigate conflict. When implemented using proven strategies it can help you reduce risk, de-escalate, or assure you that you are taking needed and appropriate action steps. As parents, mentors, coaches, teachers, caregivers, and leaders we can also use these skills to help us navigate disagreements, conflicts, frustration, and times of distress within our circles, whether that be family, co-workers, students in our care, or other peripheral relationships. Likewise, we can attempt to educate those in our care through a process of modeling and by having educating ourselves on best practices so that we are able to better communicate these skills to others.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to Conflict Unlimited
    • Understanding Conflict Unlimited
    • Common Conflict Navigation Methods Unlimited
    • Less Common Methods Unlimited
    • Self-Regulation Unlimited
    • Conflict is Ugly 00:20:00
    • De-Escalation Strategies Part 1 Unlimited
    • De-Escalation Strategies Part 2 Unlimited
      • Eye Contact/Acknowledgement 00:15:00
      • Impact of Posture 00:15:00
      • Controlling Space 00:15:00
      • Distraction/Deflection 00:10:00
      • Enlisting Others 00:15:00
      • Course Conclusion 00:03:00

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    1. Excellent tips

      Great tips, explanation, easy to understand and employ with opportunities to drill and practice

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