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Break Free: Get Up!


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Course Style: Video

Course Method: At Your Own Pace

Length: 1 Hour of Instruction

Audience: All ages

Topic: This course covers some fundamental methods you can use to help in one of the most compromising and difficult positions you can find yourself in. While there are no easy or foolproof answers, this course gives you some fundamental skills that you can combine with other skills to give you a fighting chance. These are not stand alone methods!


How to Get Up

How to Move Prone

How to Defend Prone

How to Deal with Choke 

How to Deal with Hands Pinned

How to Deal with Straddling

How to Deal with Broken Guard


This course contains scenarios and training which might be emotionally triggering if you’ve experienced trauma in your past. Feel free to stop at any time and take a break. The course will be here as lon as we are. 


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